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Lessons Learned Through Everyday Life

Changing Lives at Sam's

When I die, the pie chart representing how I spent my time on earth would have to include the time spent waiting in line at Sam’s.  As great as Sam’s is, its popularity combined with the quantity of items purchased can make for extraordinarily long wait times.  Don’t even get me started on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have Mercy on Me

Our 7 year old daughter has decided that she wants to increase her role in the rearing of her 4 year old little brother.  Admittedly, we have talked to her in the past about her being a good example for him hoping she would understand how vital her role is a big sister.  This may have backfired.

Whom Shall I Fear?

In Acts 18, Paul is in Corinth preaching the gospel in the synagogue, and the Jewish leaders got a mob together, snatched Paul up and took him in front of the Roman tribunal.  The Jewish leaders did not like that Jews were becoming believers.

My Refuge

I was recently listening to a parenting podcast and in it the speaker said, “God did not call you to be parents because you are able.  He called you to be parents because He is able.”

Turn Your World Upside Down

In Acts 17 Luke tells the story of Paul and Silas preaching Christ risen from the dead in a synagogue located in Thessalonica.  Some of the Jews didn’t like it so they got a mob together and went looking for them. 

Man In the Mirror

I have far more in common with the Israelites than I am comfortable with.  Each time I look at their relationship with God, I am convicted.  Over and over again, it causes me to examine my own heart.  

Nothing is Hidden

There is a story I’ve heard involving a member of Martin Luther’s congregation that I find interesting, even though it is not known if it actually happened.

Carry Other's Burdens

My office is a cave.  Not really, but I do keep it a little dark.  I prefer to use a lamp rather than the overhead lights.  I even keep my blinds closed.  That is until a few weeks ago

Stretch Out Your Hand

Mark 3:1-6 tells us about Jesus’ healing of a man’s “withered hand”. Of course, the Pharisees were there watching and were not happy that Jesus was healing on the Sabbath.

Take Heart

In 2013, my wife and I were attending a church we had never visited before.  Our daughter, two at the time, was not the social butterfly she is now, so putting her in a nursery was always interesting.

Grace & Understanding

There’s a music store in the small Virginia town of Culpeper I used to frequent for all things guitar related.  When you push the door open, a little bell above the frame rings and every head in the place turns to see who is coming in.

Now I See

One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is when Jesus heals the man that was blind from birth.  John 9 says, 1”As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. 

Come To Me

The Jesus Lizard has earned its name through its ability to run across the top of the water.  Proportionally, if humans could run as fast as the Jesus Lizard, we would run a blazing 70 mph!

Consider It Pure Joy

Over the last few months, I’ve had a few of my students come to me with some pretty heavy issues.

Do Not Fear!

I’ve always been a laid back person, sometimes to a fault.  However, since our daughter was born in 2012, I have suffered with anxiety.

Go and Be Healed

We hear it, but do we believe it?  “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease.”