Junior Soldiers Curriculum Program Overview

Junior Soldiers is a discipleship training curriculum for children, beginning at age 7 and journeying through adolescence.

Curriculum Program Overview

This five-year training program will help the youth of The Salvation Army develop in four primary areas:

  1. Salvation Army Doctrine
  2. Salvation Army Tradition
  3. Salvation Army Distinctives
  4. Practical Faith.

Following an introductory series of lessons called the Totally His Preparation Course the children sign the Junior Soldier’s Enrollment Certificate, and in a public ceremony become a junior member of The Salvation Army

Totally His

Totally His curriculum is the preparatory class for becoming a Junior Soldier.  The class material covers the history of how The Salvation Army was founded by Catherine and William Booth, the cultural setting of England and America in the late 1800’s and what The Salvation Army is doing today around the world including Mission work and Social Services.

The Junior Soldier Promise is taught in depth. These classes begin teaching the concept of Holiness, and will set the foundation for intentional discipleship.

The parent/guardian of the prospective Junior Soldier participates in the process of preparing for enrollment, helping their child/children memorize the Junior Soldier Promise and acquiring the Junior Soldier uniform. At the enrollment ceremony the parent/guardian will stand with the child/children as a visible sign of support, and will pray with their child/children at the altar as a sign of commitment.

These Junior Soldier materials may be downloaded here!

Training Junior Soldiers

The weekly curriculum for the Training Junior Soldier classes is based on 4 topics.  Click each one to find out more!

  • Practical Faith
  • Doctrine
  • Distinctives
  • Tradition

Classes are held weekly from September to May. Most often, the classes take place during Holiness Meeting (Sunday Morning worship Service).

The class material may be found here.

Twice a year the Junior Soldiers are celebrated at Special Observance Sundays conducted during Holiness Meeting. At least one of these special meetings will also include the Junior Soldier Enrollment Ceremony.

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Honor Junior Soldiers

The Honor Junior Soldiers Classes prepare children for the next step of leadership in their local corps and provides a transition into Corps cadets and Senior Soldiership.

The Lesson material takes approximately 11 months to complete and includes projects and a final test.

Junior Soldiers who are at least 10 years of age, have been a Junior Soldier for at least one year, and faithfully attend both Sunday School and Junior Soldiers may participate in the classes. The Corps Officer schedules the classes and arranges for the test.

Honor Junior Soldier Course material:

  • Study of Eleven Doctrines (Statement of Faith) of the Salvation army. Ability to recite the Doctrines from memory, show Biblical basis for the doctrine and explain what it means.
  • Salvation Army Procedures and Terminology – learn the historical context for our terminology and procedures, and be able to define them.
  • Salvation Army History – learn the basis for the founding of The Salvation Army, important figures and places in our history, what makes The Salvation Army different from other churches.
  • Symbols – the Junior Soldier will learn the 5 symbols of The Salvation Army (Flag, Shield, Crest, Salute, Uniform) and be able to define what they stand for.


  • Christian Growth
  • Bible
  • What Would Jesus Do (to Be Like Jesus)

The Junior Soldier will complete a project in each of the three categories and will have it ready for presentation at the time of the final test.

The paperwork for taking the test and processing the Honor Junior Soldier Award is obtained through the office of the Territorial Christian Education & Youth Discipleship Director