Have you ever read a familiar story in the Bible and something new hits you like a ton of bricks? I love it when God does that.  He did it to me yesterday. Mark 5:25-34 shares with us the interaction between Jesus and a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. I want to share with you three things from this account in scripture.  Two of which were wonderful reminders, and the last was a mind-blowing new revelation from God.  

 Now, the physical and emotional toll this had on her over 12 years is unfathomable, but there was also a great deal of sociological suffering that exacerbated the issue. She was unclean. She was untouchable. She was not valued.  She was alone. She was desperate. Everyday. For 12 years. Scripture says she heard about Jesus and

thought, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.” She fought her way through the crowd that was pressed against Jesus, touched his robe and THE BLEEDING IMMEDIATELY STOPPED! This is important and we will come back to it in a moment.  Jesus felt the power leave Him and He asks, “Who touched me?” This was strange to those with Jesus because everyone was touching Him.  However, Jesus knew this touch was different. The woman confesses and Jesus says to this her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease.” 

  1. Her faith healed her.  We know this not only because Jesus said it, but also because the bleeding stopped the moment she touched His garment.  There was no consultation with Jesus before the healing.  She touched his garment, was healed, and then Jesus acknowledged the healing that had taken place.  This is important because it shows that we can trust the promises of God. 
  1. Jesus knows the difference between those reach out to Him in faith, and those who are just following the crowd.  A poignant point of prayer as we consider our upcoming events season.  We know that we will have “throngs” come to the altar.  This is a powerful time throughout our divisions and we must lift those times up in prayer.
  1. Many of us do not heed the words, “Go and BE healed”. You see, there is a difference between being healed and living as one who has been healed.  Imagine if this woman had left that experience and gone about her life as if she was still suffering from what she had been healed from. It would seem unconscionable, but it happens. My struggle with anxiety is no secret and my openness about it is a part of my process in dealing with it. It’s getting better, slowly. Thankfully, God uses reminders like this to refine my heart.

Starting today, I will strive to live with all of the joyous truths of one who has been healed.