What is Girl Guards?

The Salvation Army Girl Guard program is a holistic Christian Education experience for girls in grades 6-12.

What are the goals of the Guarding program?

The goal of the Girl Guard program is to help girls to develop:

  • Positive social and communication habits
  • Decision making and life skills
  • Character and leadership
  • Through a Biblical worldview by encouraging:
  • A sense of personal identity and character
  • Christian values and Biblical principles
  • Physical, mental, spiritual, and social development in a safe environment for learning, developing, and caring that is age appropriate and Christ centered.

How do I get my child involved in a troop?
How can I volunteer?


How to share in this program with your child?

It’s all about doing:

  • What you can
  • When you can
  • With what you can

Ask Questions

What did you do today?
What did you learn?
What did you like least/most?

Help With Home Projects

This can be a great opportunity to spend time working together!


To become a GIRL GUARD a girl must:
  • Be in at least the sixth grade.
  • Attend four consecutive troop meetings.
  • Understand the Girl Guard Aim.


Do you like sewing?
How about music or reading?
What are your craft or cooking skills like?
Be creative and ask you local Salvation Army Girl Guard leader how you can be involved!

Encouragement Prayer

Reinforce her experience with words of encouragement and prayer.

Girl Guard Aim

I understand that as a Girl Guard:
I will grow spiritually by increasing my knowledge of God through Bible study and prayer.
I will grow mentally by being honest in my thoughts and action and by developing the mind and talent God has given me.
I will grow physically by protecting myself from all harmful substances and habits and by developing a healthy body.
I will grow socially by being respectful, friendly, of service to others and loyal to my country.