The Salvation Army camping program is divided into two types of camps designed to meet the specific needs of each population group it serves.

Community Service Camps are operated for the benefit of children who are referred by social service agencies, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. Children who visit our camps generally come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds, and in many cases, from unhealthy family or neighborhood environments. The Salvation Army camps provide kids an opportunity be in a positive environment for the summer to grow, learn, and be encouraged while striving to meet their spiritual, social, recreational and educational needs as appropriate.

Salvation Army Camps are operated for members of youth groups sponsored by The Salvation Army. The spiritual, social, recreational and educational needs of these campers are met through such Salvation Army ministry programs as Girl Guard and Sunbeam Camp, Boys Adventure Corps Camp, Music Conservatory, and Teen Boys and Girls Sports Camp. Please contact your local unit to enroll in Community Camp and other available programs.

Use the Zip Code Search on our national site and use the Worship Center category to find a local corps near you.

Depending upon the camper’s length of stay, type of camp, age, and physical ability each camper will:

Be challenged to explore, grow in, and act on his/her
Christian faith: Examples include – daily prayer, participation in age-appropriate Bible studies, participation in worship experiences (such as morning devotions, evening vespers, praise and worship services) and teachable moments.

Practice and be taught servant leadership and
explore to develop positive leadership traits: Examples include – Taking responsibility for keeping his/her living area clean, taking part in opportunities to serve, participation in Bible studies relating to leadership and service, and taking part in leadership opportunities.

Explore and experience what it means to live in a
Christ-centered community: Examples include – Experiencing an emotionally and physically safe environment, participation in the daily decision making
process, engagement in group building activities, and affirmation in the Christ-like gifts of others and be affirmed for his/her gifts.


Learn to appreciate and care for God’s creation:
Examples include – Taking part in nature awareness/education opportunities, participation in Bible studies relating to taking responsibility for the environment, visiting and working in the camp nature center, and craft projects.