Letting Go

January 23, 2014
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It was the spring of 2002.  We were divisional youth leaders in the MWV division and three of our young adults completed applications to be on the Salvationist Service Corps for the summer and were accepted.  They weren’t just any young adults – they were our right hand, our left hand and our right and.. read more →

Hope in Camden

January 16, 2014
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Daynes Crouch When you think of Camden New Jersey you don’t necessary think great vacation spot. Not at all, in fact, if anyone is familiar with the city of Camden then they would know that it has held the number one slot for poorest city in America as well as highest murder and crime rate,.. read more →

It’s not about us. This is God’s summer.

July 11, 2013
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Hey guys! Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Lindsey and today is my 4th day on the job as the new Youth Communications Specialist for the Territory.  Day Two’s assignment? Hanging out with the very laid back Mission South team.  That’s #missionsouth for all our Twitter followers out there! 😉 This is the.. read more →

Urbana 2012

April 26, 2012
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The Salvation Army Southern Territory is giving away scholarship to 27 young adults who are active in their corps and are passionate about mission.  Urbana is an international student missions conference hosted every 3 years by Intervarsity Press and attracts over 24,000 students from around the globe.  Check out more videos and the website for.. read more →