Blood & Fire Challenge Creative Adaptations

February 2, 2017
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So, not too long ago the Youth Department issued the geocaching Blood & Fire Challenge to the whole Territory to get our youth groups & Corps Families out of the Corps building and carrying the SA flag out into the community.  This was met by a great response from all of you!  Not only have.. read more →

Don’t Let the Mountaintop Be A Cliff

March 9, 2015
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I love working in Youth Ministry. Some of my favorite moments have come at Youth Councils either at the altar, during hang out time or night time devotions. If you are from KT, you have just gone through this and for everyone else…it is coming very quickly. This is a time where we have tremendous opportunity to.. read more →

Find Your Niche

January 26, 2015
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If you have ever held a job and been paid by someone then you more than likely have had to do something that you did not like.  This is a simple fact of adult life.  This is not a job-specific issue; everyone deals with it from time to time.  Whether it be a task you.. read more →

What’s Your Story?

October 20, 2014
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For a long time, I used to regret not having a colorful testimony. I felt as though my bland, grew up a son of pastors, story was one not worth telling when held in comparison to the powerful, life-altering moments I heard from friends or men at the lodge. I never had a Paul on.. read more →

Hope in Camden

January 16, 2014
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Daynes Crouch When you think of Camden New Jersey you don’t necessary think great vacation spot. Not at all, in fact, if anyone is familiar with the city of Camden then they would know that it has held the number one slot for poorest city in America as well as highest murder and crime rate,.. read more →

Fighting for Love

December 12, 2013
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I love I’ll Fight Day.  I can’t stress that enough.   It’s just such a cool concept.  You get together with friends, or with your youth leaders and Corps Officers, and you go out and serve your community.  And most everyone does it the same day.  So you can feel connected to people across the country, and.. read more →

#ServeRight Photo Contest

December 9, 2013
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As you all know, the theme for youth councils this year is “Live Right!” Pretty awesome cuz it’s based on the new transMission update on a very old song.  “I want to live right that God may use me.”  That in and of itself is a hefty declaration.  It should mean something!     We don’t want.. read more →

Be a part of the Fight – Use words if necessary

December 3, 2013
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Daynes Crouch People are always asking me what new mission trips we have coming up and how they can get involved or sign up to go. Well, the answer is everyday there is mission opportunity and you don’t have to look far to do it. In fact, all it takes is one act of kindness.. read more →