The Gift of Appreciation

December 22, 2014
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Thank you…Other than ‘I love you’ it is probably the most underutilized yet necessary phrase in the English language. It is this very phrase that I make a point to share with youth workers every time I get a chance to speak publicly to them. I do this because I get it. I do this.. read more →

Christmas Traditions

December 15, 2014
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Every year at Christmastime my family growing up had a long list of traditions we went through that really made it special for me and my brothers. Decorating Christmas cookies with mom, watching the clay-mation Rudolph movie, picking the tree out at a lot with dad, coming home to decorate it and have chili, empty.. read more →

The Power of Perception

December 8, 2014

What comes to mind when you think of Abraham Lincoln? I mean besides memories of groaning through history tests in high school about the civil war. Obviously, if you remember anything at all from those classes you can recall that he was once our US President, served during the Civil War & played a major.. read more →

Dealing with ‘THAT’ kid

December 1, 2014

Johnny sit down. Johnny stop yelling. Johnny stop pulling her hair. Johnny sit down. No you may not see how far that Bible can fly. Get your finger out of Ashley’s ear. Johnny sit down! Save your fart noises til after class. Johnny, we don’t say those words in church. Now why did you hit.. read more →

On the Uniform

November 24, 2014

On a recent Sunday I attended Buckhead Church where Andy Stanley pastors…Wearing my Salvation Army uniform. I received a few sidelong glances. During meet-and-greet time, the lady with whom I was shaking hands asked ‘what uniform is this?’ When I replied ‘The Salvation Army’ a broad smile came to her face as she brought her.. read more →

I Doubt It!

November 17, 2014

So here’s the scenario: Young Christian man sits in his first sociology/philosophy 101 class as a freshmen in college and summarily has everything he thought he believed questioned. So what’s wrong with this scenario? Many would show how easily it seemed this young man’s faith was rattled. Others would point to the sinister agenda of.. read more →

Why the Army?

November 10, 2014
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Evidently if you read last week’s post past the headline then you recognize that I don’t truly believe there should be less Christians in the world. I am always quick to let people know that at times, though my message seem critical, it comes from a point of trying to push myself and others to.. read more →

There Are Too Many Christians!

November 3, 2014
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As you have discovered by now, I am a nerd and like to spend a lot of my free time reading. Through reading quite a bit on the status of current youth ministry and Christianity as a whole I have recognized a few common themes. (1) Young Christians are leaving in droves and not returning… read more →

Recapturing Your Imagination

October 27, 2014

To begin, I feel I need to make something clear. To have an active imagination does not make you childlike, flighty or unrealistic. We have grown up being made to believe that imagination is something we grow out of or is left for storytellers and book writers. It is referenced alongside things like fantasy and.. read more →

What’s Your Story?

October 20, 2014
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For a long time, I used to regret not having a colorful testimony. I felt as though my bland, grew up a son of pastors, story was one not worth telling when held in comparison to the powerful, life-altering moments I heard from friends or men at the lodge. I never had a Paul on.. read more →