Blood & Fire Challenge Creative Adaptations

February 2, 2017
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So, not too long ago the Youth Department issued the geocaching Blood & Fire Challenge to the whole Territory to get our youth groups & Corps Families out of the Corps building and carrying the SA flag out into the community.  This was met by a great response from all of you!  Not only have many challenges been completed but we received ideas from Youth Leaders that take this idea and go a step further so we wanted to share those with you to maybe help get your creative evangelism ideas going:

Joel Rogers from Cleveland, TN

We would like to accept your challenge, but wanted to see about the potential of spreading the challenge out to others in the community in a different way- truly “taking the flag” out to the community through the challenge.

Instead of just geocaching ourselves, we want to officially hide a series of “service” geocaches around our community, with a unique challenge in each one for the finder to complete, and ask them to then return to that cache and “log” their service experience. In each geocache that we hide, we want to have not only a small notebook for logging, but also a salvation army flag keychain attached to a small laminated card with the service challenge for that location.

We are still planning the detailed contents of each, but plan to approach our parks and rec department for permission to place them, and place them strategically throughout the parks in our community. (a few of the suggestions are to hide a geocache in places that raise awareness about homelessness in our community). These geocaches, if approved by the city next week for placement, will serve as ongoing connections for the community to the Salvation Army, and a potent point of connection to the need for service in this community.

Janine Ekhardt from Maryville, TN

We kicked off our Blood & Fire Challenge tonight!  The kids made a sign with facts they felt they wanted people to know about the Army in our area. Facts like…we are a church! Everyone is welcome! We have a Lunch ministry! Stuff like that.

Soon, my husband and I are going to put the sign up somewhere in town, where it will stay until the next week, for people to read! Then, on that day, we will give the kids a riddle for wherever the location of the sign is. They will have to figure out where it is, then we will all go to it! When they locate the sign, there will be an envelope that has a weekly challenge for the kids to complete the following Sunday. Such as…bring a friend to church or maybe it could be participating in the service in some way.

Each week, as the kids locate it, our sign and flag will be moved to different spots. (library, park, etc) This idea works for both Sundays and youth nights to serve as a creative way to modify the traditional Army programs. The kids are super stoked to start this and I think it will be fun! It is also a great way to have our youngest soldiers spreading the word about Christs’ Army in our community.


I love these!  Thank you Joel & Janine for your ministry and willingness to share your creativity.  Now lets get out there, complete our challenges, share the love of Christ in our community & bring your flag to show that we March with the Blood & the Fire!  #GoMobileSouth


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