Making Corrections

January 12, 2017
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So a few years ago I was driving home from college with my Dad and friend in the car. It had been a long night and I was pretty tired but since it was a long drive my turn came eventually. Before you say anything; Yes, I know that driving while fatigued is characterized very similar to drive under the influence or texting while driving. But my turn came nonetheless and it happened to be as the sun was right on the horizon…. pointing directly into my eyes. So here I was, already tired and being forced to squint to focus on the road. Long story short, it got the better of me and I slowly veered off the road until I met the rumble bars…or divots, whatever they are called. You know what I’m talking about; the lines on the side of the highway meant to shake your car if you get too far outside the lines.

While for most of my life I consider those an annoyance; that day I was very thankful for them. Since that day until now, I’ve not thought of them unless I’m occasionally running over them to get around an accident or other impediment. In truth, this may seem like an over-simplification, but as youth directors we are called to be rumble bars. I know, ridiculous! Don’t go laying down on the side of a highway…But when we think about it, as youth directors, we are called to serve our young people by keeping them on the right path. Our young people can be straight fatigued, careless, inattentive, inexperienced or just make a wrong call in life and its then that a reminder from you can save a life. Yes it can and might be annoying to them. Yes they might downright be angry with you for the correction. But if we truly care for them and their wellbeing then we will be willing to put up with it to help them develop into who God has made them to be.

In a way, we even inherit the anonymity of the rumble bar… For example, a child may not remember your lesson until they fall into a similar situation later in life. You may not be thanked. You may never see some of these children again. I’m simply writing today to say 1) do not be discouraged, the time you spend investing in a child pays dividends you most certainly will not see 2) Be reassured that while your children may need constant ‘redirection’ that it is not in vain. We are actively taking part in the shaping of young consciences based on the Biblical example of Christ. So that when they grow up and are put in situations where they have to make a difficult decision, they will have a Christ-like moral foundation from which to pull.


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  1. I had thought for a period of time that the impact that I may have made on one of our Young People was small, until she had called me last week, asking to talk and sharing how she sees the importance of keeping in constant communication and Fellowship with the Lord, because she no longer had the blessings He bestowed upon her when she stayed faithful to Him before last year. Once she got her first job and started to save money and had access to a vehicle, Christ faded in the busyness of her life. Once all of this had stopped and taken from her, she started to realize what she no longer had time for…that got her to the place of success in the first place. She and I prayed together and she’s been back to the Corps on Sunday’s since. It was a reminder to me that I am doing the Lords work and by my continual prodding of staying faithful even when the blessings come made a difference in her life and she is grateful for my accountability! I LOVE what I do! God is good ❤


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