Lawrenceville Corps Cadet Shining a Light on Slavery #EndIt

February 29, 2016


Allie End It‘Thursday, February 25, 2016 was Shine A Light On Slavery Day. This day was selected to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. At our Wednesday night youth meeting, I challenged all of the students to wear red Xs on their hands to school on this day. Allie Swyers of the Lawrenceville, GA Corps really took it to heart. This is what she shared about her experience.

Today I was a big supporter for ‪#‎shinealightonslaveryday. I wore a red X on my hand for the entire day to spread awareness. My first thoughts going into it were that nobody would notice because teens always have writing on their hands. I didn’t think anyone would think twice of it.

I was wrong. 
Walking through school I was stopped by at least 5 people every hour. Some already knew what it represented and asked to use my marker. I explained it to most and they wanted an X too, but sadly a few who I explained the X to didn’t want to take part because they said it didn’t effect them and they simply didn’t care. 

I know that sex trafficking is a big problem in the U.S. At events like the Super Bowl many women become victims. Its a very serious matter. So to spread more awareness I took photos of all the students and teachers who wore an X from my marker and challenged them to mark others throughout their day.

If I was able to mark 42 people (not including myself) in an 8 hour school day and all 42 people marked 42 people, that means 1,764 learned of this big problem and now have spread awareness to prevent it. 

Allie’s courage, along with other’s, has the potential to literally save lives. She could have dismissed the day as just another Thursday, but she didn’t. She chose to put herself out there and stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. She could have been quiet, but she chose to speak up for those who have been silenced. We need more students like Allie Swyers.

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  1. So inspirational! I wish all teens could be more like Allie Swyers!


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