Volunteer Recruitment

November 9, 2015
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I know it seems weird to be approaching this subject when all our extra hands around the Corps are gearing up for Angel Tree, Kettles, Toy Shop or other various Christmas ministries.  However, it is a running theme that we as Youth Directors could always use more leaders, more help and more volunteers.  So what better time than now?!  When thinking of recruiting volunteers I think most of us keep a mental list of what kind of people we would like filling a certain role.  Although most of the time our options are limited so our best options may not always fit the ‘list’ but you still have it.  Actually, take a minute to think about it.  If you could pick anyone in the world to fill a leadership role in your ministry as a volunteer, what would they look like?  What qualities do they possess?  Would you want them to be more Scripturally solid or be more relational?  Do you care if they are a young adult or a great grandparent?

Take a minute right now and jot down a short list of qualities you’d like to see in the people for your ministry.

So, the question now is; where/ do I find individuals that match this list or how do I transfer this list to the people I bring into leadership roles?  If you have tried this for any length of time then you will know that who you get is not determined by what you want.  It is determined by who you are.  If you followed instructions and actually made a list of qualities, go back to that now and place a check mark next to each quality you think you possess.  Be very honest on this step or the exercise won’t help.  Put an X by the ones that do not necessarily describe you.  After you are finished doing that take stock of the results.  If you see a list full of X’s then you are in trouble and probably will not attract those type’s of people.  Who You Are is Who You Attract  This “Law of Magnetism” is laid out nicely in John Maxwell’s ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’.

However, some people do have the uncanny ability to go out and attract people unlike themselves.  Which is why the old leadership adage came about ‘Good leaders surround themselves with people smarter than themselves.’  So if you start to look at the list of volunteers you have now at your Corps then you may see a whole slew up people who are nothing like you.  Which is good but I take a more introspective lesson from this topic…take that list from earlier and look at your X’s.  Instead of letting it dishearten you, use that as encouragement in ways which need improvement.  If strong leadership is one of these, dedicate time now to develop that within yourself.  If empathy is up there then put yourself in situations where you must show and experience empathy.

Ultimately, what it comes down to, is that our kids need positive adult examples and we need to be active in helping realize that need.  We cannot simply say ‘there is no one’ and leave it at that.  Spend the time, plan ahead, expand who you are looking at and broaden your expertise in order to attract new volunteer leaders.  You may not feel like you can do it.  But through Christ we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.


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