Green Grass

May 26, 2015
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When I was in college I was asked by a professor a very poignant question: if you could have one great year, full of awards or fame and recognition, or a lifetime filled with good, firm, consistent performances, what would you choose? I naively interpreted it as a professor looking at a student actor and trying to motivate me to ‘do the work’. You see I knew way back then I didn’t have what it took to make a career out of acting and even if no one said it I knew the only reason I was given a part was because I could sing. However, hindsight being 20-20, that question starts a much deeper conversation within you and, when answered, can answer questions like who you are or how’s your character.

I didn’t see it back then but how you come to answer that question gives a good picture as to how you approach life situations. Are you the type of person who looks for the next big thing, the larger opportunity or someone who sticks it out and stays right where you are to accomplish what needs to be done? In our capitalistic culture it completely natural to seek out the next big break, the job with more money, the larger Corps… Because of the comparison trap it is so easy to fall into seeing the grass greener in someone else’s yard. That is usually what pushes some of us to move on in search of a greener patch instead of working with what we have.

Many people say they want to be used by God then they put parameters on how or where God can use them. They never take time to dig into the community they’re in or develop relationships because they are focused on finding that nicer fertile ground someone else might have already worked hard on. Maybe we can change our mindset by asking God; “Is there something you want me to be doing right here?” If you want God to use you, first you have to ask then you have to be ready to listen.

God is looking for the faithful…not the flashy. A revolutionary…not a rebel.
Someone who is persistent…not prosperous. Patient, not popular.

It’s true God calls many to travel to new places and begin ministries there. But what would happen if we committed to putting our ‘hands to the plow’ and not looking back or looking at others? Make your life a consistent example in a world where change is the mainstream motto. It doesn’t take a new situation to be radical. So today, ask God what you can do right where you are. Dig in and make a difference. Commit to the long haul & be faithful. Which kind of person are you?


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