Love One Another

January 5, 2015

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?  Or set any new goals for 2015?  Going to get out of debt?  Lose weight?  Spend more time with family?  Last week I set a challenge for you to set goals far enough away that you would have to stretch to meet them.  So, do we have anyone who has already slipped up on those new goals?  Personally, I want to finish 2015 under 205 pounds, read more than 55 books and continue to learn how to be the best father and husband I can be for my family.  Other than the last one, like many of you who set goals with me, set them with this sort of motivation: how can I make me a better me?  As Andy Stanley said in his message yesterday, ‘Losing weight and getting out of debt are extremely important and good goals but what if we changed our sights from making a better me to this: How can I change what is around me to make a better world?’

With this thought in mind I was reminded last night of my brother in Christ Damien Horne and his lyrics written a few years ago.  (if you haven’t before, check him out- insane talent with a heart to match) he wrote ‘Somebody’s Hero’ I think he captured this theological question perfectly by framing the idea of becoming the best person so you can be a hero for others…

I was meant to fly, meant to shine

Gotta find the better man in me

Before I die, even if I bleed

Just gotta be somebody’s hero

Look around you.  What is it that breaks your heart?  What is it that when you see it makes you say, “Someone should do something about this”?  Work this year to do something about it.  That’s what we as Christians are called to do.  But I’m just one person, you might say.  I am not sure you noticed but everyone is just one person.  Take the opportunity this year to commit being the best person by helping the most people or by helping a few people more than anyone else could.  Run a campaign involving your Corps board, local government and a shoe company to put new shoes on kids feet in your community who maybe couldn’t afford it.  Use your youth group’s creativity and have them write letters that you deliver for Valentine’s day at the local nursing home.  This new year find the better man/woman in you and work to be somebody’s hero.


4 Responses to Love One Another
  1. wow, you really are speaking the truth Jesse. Loved it

  2. This is great. I am very excited to see the youth come alive here. God is going to do amazing things thru them this year. I know that in order to teach and guide, I had to begin to work on things myself. I have gotten up to running 7 miles a day and have seen inches come off (not necessarily weight). Thank you for the encouragement to be the change with those around me.

    • Thank you Melissa. As youth leaders, you already give so much of yourself for others and I didn’t want to be that ‘do more’ voice. Glad to see it was taken as intended and the response has been very gracious. I believe in you and will pray for strength of spirit.


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