You Know You’re A Youth Director If…

September 13, 2013

Time for a less serious moment in order to take a look back at the experiences of ministry with young people. If you have worked for any length of time in youth ministry then you have been exposed to some of the most humorous events that occur in Christian life. From the kids who aren’t creative until they draw the Mona Lisa on a Sunday program during the sermon…to the one who asks with complete innocence if they can miss your devotional to play video games in the Teen Room. This post is a recollection of happenings that you may have experienced yourself with which we hope instigates some pleasant reminiscing.

You Know You Are a Youth Director If…

> You’ve ever had to explain the smell in the van.

> People see you acting normal and wonder if you are in need of counseling.

> Someone you know has suffered injuries from a game of ‘spoons’.

> Most of your Scripture passages come from Paraphrases 1:1 and the book of 2nd Opinions.

> You’ve ever experienced a serious anxiety attack because you’ve used up all your devotional material.

> Most of your wardrobe consists of shirts from Wardrobe. (or camp shirts, Youth Councils, TYI, TMI, etc..)

> The kid that causes the most trouble in Youth Group is your own. (or the Corps Officer’s)

> The youth group acts up in church and they suddenly become “your kids”.

> Your most successful fundraiser has been getting a pie smashed in your face.

> Your youth activities have often been mistaken for a babysitting service.

> You are fluent in gamer-speak, teen-speak, and/or text language.

> You know parents based on how many times they call you before a trip.

> You have spent so much time planning an event and only one teen shows up.

> You plan and carryout more camp pranks than your campers.

> You have 4 months to prepare for one of the two sermons you get to present every year.

> You think it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

> You have ever dreamed of tying an unruly youth group kid on the room of a 15 passenger.

> Everyone thought you were ‘wingin it’ when it was your best planned devotional ever.

> You forget to preview a movie before showing it and the CO walks in at the worst…possible…moment.

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5 Responses to You Know You’re A Youth Director If…
  1. Your busiest month is December and it has nothing to do with Youth.

  2. your teenagers ever ask you, “What do you do all day?” or “They pay you?”

  3. When you hear the word fellowship and immediately think of food.

  4. You know all the good hiding spots at church!

  5. Thanks admin for sharing this information, it is worth to read.


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