What is Adventure Corps?

The Adventure Corps program consists of the Explorer program (Grades 1-5) and the Ranger program (Grades 6 – 12 ) There are members throughout the United States.  The Explorer and Ranger programs are organized into individual troops, and sponsored by the local Salvation Army corps. Volunteers and Salvation Army personnel provide leadership. Meetings may be held in corps community centers, schools, homes or other Salvation Army service centers.

Adventure Corps Purpose

The purpose of Adventure Corps is to provide a program that gives a boy an opportunity for personal growth spiritually, mentally, physically, socially; and to increase his understanding of service to others by exploring God’s Word and God’s world.
This purpose is expressed in the Adventure Corps Pledge, Prayer and Motto, which must be understood by all members, and are the guiding principles for all programs and activities.

Adventure Corps Prayer

Lord Jesus, help me to discover You as the Way, the Truth and the Life, and to find for myself that following You is the greatest adventure of all.

Adventure Corps Pledge

I promise to explore God’s Word and God’s world to find ways to serve Him and help others; to develop and guard good habits so that I will grow as God desires; and to adventure into the world with the “good news” of Jesus Christ.

Adventure Corps Motto

Adventure with Christ

To become an EXPLORER a boy must:
  • Be in at least the first grade
  • Have the permission of his parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • Attend four Adventure Corps meetings
  • Recite the Adventure Corps Pledge, Prayer, and Motto
To become an RANGER a boy must:
  • Be in at least the sixth grade
  • Have his parent’s or guardian’s permission
  • Attend four troop meetings
  • Recite the Adventure Corps Pledge, Prayer, and Motto

How do I get my child involved in a troop? How can I volunteer?

Contact your local Salvation Army for more information.

How to share in this program with your child?

It’s all about doing:

  • What you can
  • When you can
  • With what you can

Ask Questions

What did you do today?
What did you learn?
What did you like least/most?

Help With Home Projects

This can be a great opportunity to spend time working together!


Do you like sports?
How about music or reading?
What are your craft or camping skills like?
Be creative and ask your local Salvation Army Adventure Corps leader how you can be involved

Encouragement Prayer

Reinforce his experience with words of encouragement and prayer. Sharing in your child’s adventure doesn’t have to cost you lots of money or time AND you both will benefit greatly for it!