McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas} January 4-10, 2015
Applications Due to DYS on October 24, 2014

*passport required–Day trip to Mexico*


We are now accepting applications! Young Adult one week trip will take place January 4-10 in McAllen, Texas. Under the leadership of Captain Luis and Laura Melendez. The heart and passion of this Corps is to bring hope to our community, see the need of God’s people and respond! We are looking for young, committed, and passionate young people to join us in the effort to help us be those advocates!  – Captain Luis Melendez

This week will be jam packed and full of ministry opportunities.  Some areas of mission you will experience are Community Service and Ministry by working at the local soup kitchen, working through local partnerships and serving the children and immigrant families at the Humanitarian Relief Center. Three King’s Day celebration at The Salvation Army Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico. Door to door visitation , Visit to Red Shield, lead in children’s and youth programming at Corps.


Jamaica } March 8-15, 2015
Applications Due to DYS on January 23rd, 2015




The young adult one-week mission trips happen in January and March.  These trips exist to allow young adults who cannot or may not want to go for six weeks the opportunity to experience mission in another culture.  The one week trips give young adults a chance to see God at work in a context outside of their own.


The one week trips are available to anyone between the ages of 18 and 35. In order to participate in the one-week trips, a young adult needs the approval of their application from their Corps Officer and DYS. Once this has been done, the Territorial Young Adult and Mission Deployment Coordinator receives the participant application with the DYS endorsement. If a DYS gives his/her approval, we assume that the young adult has the approval of his/her Corps Officer and any other divisional approval that is needed.


Participants raise 1/3 of the cost of the trips.  The cost of the trip varies according to which trip they choose.  The January trip, costs $200 for the week plus the participant’s airfare.  The March trip costs $450 for the week plus airfare.  A participant would then raise a third of that cost.  The other two thirds of the cost is divided evenly between a participant’s home division and territorial headquarters.

Info on Summer 2015 Locations coming soon!
Info on Summer 2015 Locations coming soon!