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  • Mission South
  • Fiji
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Caribbean


The Salvationist Service Corps is a six-week mission experience that allows young adults ages 18 to 25 to discover a deeper relationship with Christ through ministry alongside other Salvationists both abroad and within the Southern Territory.


The Salvationist Service Corps is specifically for Salvationist young adults who are engaged in a growing relationship with the Lord and who are seeking a deeper walk with their Lord.  Individuals are selected from an application process.  Once individuals are chosen, teams are formed according to the needs of each location and each individual’s strengths.


The purpose of the Salvationist Service Corps is to give young adults the opportunity to catch God’s heartbeat for the world (including their own part of the world) through service with The Salvation Army.  The members of the Service Corps are given the opportunity to come alongside officers and Salvationists who are already working in the area.


Members of the Salvationist Service Corps are challenged spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically while on a team.  They will have the opportunity to change and grow in their relationship with the Lord by practicing listening prayer, corporate worship and daily devotions.


The SSC applications deadline has passed.  Please pray with us as teams are selected.

February 14, 2016:
After applications are submitted, DYS references and Videos are due to THQ.


March 2016: Acceptance/Deferral Letters are sent to all applicants.  Teams are finalized and announced.


May 23-27, 2016: Leaders Orientation


May 27-June 3, 2016: Team Orientation


June 6, 2016: Teams Depart


July 18th, 2016: Teams Return


July 19-22, 2016: Debriefing


Before final acceptance, all applicants must complete background checks and comply with all territorial requirements, including child protection policies.


Each member is required to raise $750 to support their mission.  Resources to assist in fundraising will be made available upon acceptance.


Members are responsible for incidental expenses in preparation for their departure such as physical exams, passports, etc., as well as travel to and from THQ for orientation.  The Salvation Army will pay for all travel, meal and housing expenses during orientation, the term of the mission and debriefing.