NCV Corps Cadet Highlight 2015

April 24, 2015
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The Hampton Roads Kroc Corps Cadets are an amazing bunch of young people. They are a tight-knit group that loves each other like family. They participate and lead various activities at the corps, including: character building programs, Gospel choir, drama, timbrels, dance, Community Care ministry and much more. They regularly participate in worship services and.. read more →


November 14, 2014
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Our Corps Cadets We have been blessed in the Columbus, MS Corps to have Corps Cadets that are Courageous, Consistent, and Caring. Courageous, because when tornadoes struck our county, they helped with serving meals, stocking the canteen, serving from the canteen, and even going out to the storm-ravaged areas. Our Corps Cadet fearlessly invite others.. read more →