Happy New Year

December 29, 2014
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Ten plus hours in a car with 2 yorkies, a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old.  Add to that a normally cheerful wife who has just completed three straight night shifts before this car ride and currently running on ZERO sleep.  What?  Not your idea of heaven on earth?  Yeah, not mine either but we survived it and it makes for funny stories to remember (or regret) later on in life.  However, in between crying for the potty, crying for food or crying simply to cry; I realized another thing in life that I absolutely love.  No I’m not referring to the car DVD system (although hearing CARS played 3 times in one day was something special).  No I am referring to the little button/lever thing commonly known as cruise control.  Life-saving invention when you are the sole driver in an 11 hour trip.  Merry Christmas.

Honest moment: I tend to be a speeder.  I do not know if it’s my competitive side or what but I used to enjoy being in the left lane setting the pace.  This trip I set the cruise control on and it led me to a few observations.  1) Regardless of how fast you are going, usually there will always be some people who want to go faster and slower than you.  2) Even when being polite and moving over, some drivers are never satisfied and are just looking for a reason to be angry.  3) You appreciate the scenery and what you see more when you are less concerned with ‘keeping up’ with the flow of traffic.  Call me an old fogey but these life lesson made some serious parallels to life lessons.  It just so happens that we are coming upon a time when many of us reflect on a year of our lives and determine what we liked or disliked to see what should be changed.  If you fit into this category then let me leave you with one simple phrase of advice.  Don’t Coast at your speed.

Think of your life as a trip on the highway.  Blame Steve Carter for me making everything into a possible sermon illustration.  God has you sharing that ride with whoever else is there or no one else for a reason.  He has you headed in a certain direction for a reason.  He has set your destination.  So when you see others pulling ahead; don’t be envious because you have a different destination.  A unique travel plan.  The opposite is also true.  Do not be tempted to slow down and coast with those behind, they are there for a reason also.  There will be people looking to be confrontational no matter what decision you choose so set your cruise to God’s mapped out plan for your life.  When making goals or resolutions this upcoming week- don’t coast and don’t base it off others’ goals.  Push yourself to do better, be better, think better, love more, serve more, give more and live Christ.  He has you where you are for a reason.  So seek out that reason and push to accomplish it harder than you ever have before.  Happy New Year & God bless you!


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