CC Highlight: South Hillsborough Corps

December 17, 2014
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The South Hillsborough Corps has one of the most active Corps Cadet brigades in the Florida Division. During the past few months, the Corps Cadets got together and started to evangelize throughout the community and share the good news of the Lord to those around them. They are dedicated to wearing their uniform every Sunday. When asked why they wear their uniform every Sunday, the response was, “The uniform represents who we are and what we do as part of The Salvation Army.”


The Corps Cadets of the South Hillsborough Corps are always willing to lend a helping hand and share the love God has for them. They love their uniform and are very proud to be part of an Army that is always helping the community.

When the Corps Cadets learned about a community of migrants in the area, they were excited to go and talk to the children and youth. During their community outreach, they taught Sunday School, did face painting and played games with the kids.


During the Christmas season, the Corps Cadets volunteer their time on Saturdays to help with kettles during the entire season.


The South Hillsborough Corps is blessed to have a wonderful brigade of youth who are willing to serve the Lord with an open heart and are always ready to take action.



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