November 14, 2014
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Our Corps Cadets

We have been blessed in the Columbus, MS Corps to have Corps Cadets that are Courageous, Consistent, and Caring.

Courageous, because when tornadoes struck our county, they helped with serving meals, stocking the canteen, serving from the canteen, and even going out to the storm-ravaged areas. Our Corps Cadet fearlessly invite others to come to church, and fellowship activities. Our Corps Cadets, don’t know the word “no”. Whatever they are asked to do, they simply do it.

Consistent, because they do their lessons every month, we meet every week for lessons, and they are always ready to do whatever you ask them to do. This is truly a blessing because we can count on the Corps Cadets for activities. We had a Love Crusade, (like a spring festival) and the Corps Cadets ran all the games, served the food, snacks, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without the Corps Cadets. Consistency, really helps the entire Corps.

Caring, because when I asked them to do a program at a girls Group Home, they jumped at the opportunity. They have taken on each girl as a special friend. They girls at this group home have different issues themselves, but our Corps Cadets have excelled at befriending the girls, and helping them throughout the programs. The Corps Cadets are willing to help people who are in need. We have big plans for them as they grow in this caring.

We Are Happy to Spotlight the Columbus, MS Corps Cadet Brigade.

Peyton Roberts, Jalen Johnson, Nydiah Johnson, Ariel Lyons, (Prospectives) C. J. Grant, Angelica Roberts, Counselor Alton Ming, Corps Officers Majors Eric & Tonya Roberts Corps Helper Christian Smith



Important Dates

4/13           Love Crusade

4/26           Tornado Disaster Service

8/17           Start of Girls Group Home Visitation


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