What Makes Your Soul Sing?

September 22, 2014

This post was inspired by a recent family time service done by the Music Department where TMS Nick Simmons-Smith spoke on what makes his soul sing. I loved that visual and could relate with many of the examples he gave because my nostalgic self went back to those days as a teenager, attending TMI & TYI and learning not only notes or rhythms but also character and spiritual clarity. Nick mentioned going home to see his children at the end of the day and seeing young people make decisions for Christ for the first time at a TMI. For reasons very similar I started to ask myself the same question.

‘What makes my soul sing?’

My first thoughts went back to being Teen Center Director and ‘those moments’. You know what I mean by that when you can recall something that happened or a conversation you had years later. My soul sings when I remember a Youth Councils late night devotion with deep discussion and meaningful prayer. My soul sings at that time when a young man struggling with life pulled me aside and asked to pray for me. My soul sings when I look at the lives of those same young people today and swell up with pride for the young men and women they have become. My soul sings when I meet them again and have a chance to catch up.

Then my thoughts brought me to the present. Very much like Nick, my soul sings when I get home and I hear my little boy yell “Daddy!” or when he responds with “I love you too”. My soul sings when I watch two babies start to grow, walk and listens to their mother when she reminds them to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. My souls sings when Liam brings his mommy a flower. My soul sings when I see a youth director take pride in ‘their kids’. My soul sings when I see the creativity and support of BFI’s for one another. My soul sings when I see a DYS or Corps Officer take one of their young people to the altar at TYI. My soul sings when I take time to sit back and appreciate that I have the opportunity to be a part of all of this.

So turn the mirror around and take a good look. What makes your soul sing today?

2 Responses to What Makes Your Soul Sing?
  1. Well said and great reminder Jesse!

  2. Thank you Dennise. Staying and remaining positive has been a theme for a lot of devotions and small group discussion this year and it has been wonderful. A quote I found but am now paraphrasing says, ‘Spend time counting your blessings and you won’t have time to dwell on the difficulties. Anyone struggling with hard times in their lives right now should definitely check out Andy Stanley’s new series http://meantimeseries.org/


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