February 5, 2014
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You know what day I am talk about! It is time to get ready for your weekly youth meetings and you are thinking about all of the kids that need to be picked up. As faces race through your mind, occasionally some additional information filters through as well. These two have been having problems at home. This couple just broke up. Through this process, your mind settles on a face and inwardly you cringe! This is the kid who barely looks up during devotions and refuses to participate in the programs. If they do participate, it is usually with a snarky comment and some random piece of information about a situation. In short, this kid acts like he does not want to be there and is hard to love, but…they are always there! It would be easier this week if I just forgot to pick this kid up for youth night!

Let’s face it, friends, it is always easy to love some who loves us back! Here is my advice! Stop loving people that are hard to love!


I am going to give some good reasons to stop loving hard-to-love people!

1. God loves them already…isn’t that enough?

Hey, they already have a God who loves them! They do not need me! Why would I waste my energy on a person who ignores me and taunts me and treats me badly and could care less whether I am alive or dead?

2. What You See Is What You Get

There are other kids in the group who will be able to go further in life. There is nothing here with this one. You can move on to the next one! Who has time to be concerned about any untapped potential inside one of God’s chosen vessels?

3. They Already Have Parents

These kids come from perfectly good homes with perfectly involved parents who perfectly love on them whenever they get a chance. I just see them an hour or two a week. Can I really make an impact anyway?

The Truth

The truth is the ones that are hard to love are the ones we should try harder to love! They can often be the ones without any support at home. These kids have potential buried so deep inside of them that they do not even know it exists. If we want to be more like Jesus, then we should love like Jesus. John 13:35 NIV says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Jesus did not say that you are my disciples when you love the easy ones. We are His disciples when we love everyone. And, by the way, this means you need to pick them up for youth night tonight!


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  1. Great word, Doug! We’re called to “love the unlovable!”


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