Post #TYI2013 Devotional #5

August 22, 2013
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As we mentioned, being a disciple means that we are called to a life of service.

Service to Christ will inevitably contain a degree of risk, because of its requirement of denial to self. So when we do speak or proclaim anything in service to Christ, it ultimately belongs to Him.
Read Luke 9:23, Mark 8:34, Luke 14:27

How often do you not take the risk of doing something different? Is it because it’s uncomfortable, awkward, or compromises your pride?
How is service towards Him dictated through what He has done in your life?
How do you gauge a life of service in regards to the “grace he lavished on us” (Ephesians 1)?
This doesn’t necessarily mean being the world’s greatest humanitarian or proponent of social-justice.
But what are the risks you have or are willing to take daily when it comes to yourself, family, friends, or even the people God may want you to speak to?

The primary definition of ministry is defined as “the office of a minister”, which is also another word for agent. So when we talk about ministry, we may say that we are agents of Christ. We are ones who are authorized to act on behalf of Christ due to His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
Yes, just as James Bond is to MI6, you are to Christ… You are called to specific places to serve and minister in. How weird would it be if while you were watching James Bond do his 007 thing, that he simply told Penny or MI6, “Yeah, I’m not comfortable with the perils or dangers of this situation, so I’m just going to have to tag out on this one…”

Seriously 007?!

How often is Christ speaking to us to be all that He is and we disregard His commands…
When we decide our approach is better and only choose parts of Jesus we want to follow, we opt for the breadcrumbs of the feast He has prepared.
Read Ephesians 1

Paul encourages the Church at Ephesus, “Through Christ, He we have been given the hope that will unite the universe! Christ!”

So when we ignore this strength or charge to live in abundance, we opt for that which is less.
Discipleship draws us towards Christ and allows us to be agents of change for His kingdom; a kingdom of abundance! We must obey and trust that His way is better than our own.


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