Post #TYI2013 Devotional #4

August 22, 2013
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We have asked you, Who is your Captain? Who is leading you?

If Christ truly is our captain, and our leader, He has given us instruction to do just that…follow Him!

But what does that even mean, “Follow Him”?

Be a disciple and make disciples.
Read Acts 11:26, Matthew 5:14-16, Matthew 28:18-20.

Seriously though, what does that mean? Be a disciple?!

Mathetes (greek): a student, learner, an adherent

Well, first we must acknowledge, Christians are all called to discipleship, because discipleship is the heart of the Christian faith. We are charged with being disciples and making disciples.  (Matthew 5:14-16, Matthew 28:18-20)

In fact, Christian is just a term to describe individuals who are disciples of Christ. (Acts 11:26)

This means we follow Jesus and desire all of Him; His Kingdom, His holiness, and all that He desires of us.

Its cliché Christian rhetoric to ask someone, “How is your walk?” This is usually translated as, “How are you and Jesus?” The usual response is one in which we measure our behavior. “Well I haven’t been spending a lot of time reading the word or praying.” Or “I haven’t been very active in my church/corps.” Most of this can even be linked with our feelings. We don’t feel good in the fact we haven’t been consistent, or we feel like things are tough in life because we haven’t done these things. Discipleship then gets linked with how we behave, how we feel as a Christian, or how good are we are at doing the “Christian thing.” Yet discipleship isn’t necessarily about how we behave as a Christian. Yes, you should dive into the word, seek and pray for guidance and fellowship with believers. However, “behavior modification” is not what we are called to. Being a disciple is not about “being a good Christian.” Being a disciple is about personal transformation that brings transformation of this world for His kingdom. Christ works on your internals so that you may serve externally. That does require discipline, but ultimately your transformation is about what motivates you; the deep things of your heart that move you to be more like Him. What then is the fuel that drives you to be all that Christ is? Is it outward expressions or soul convicting devotion to Him?

Being a disciple is about
personal transformation that brings transformation of this world for His kingdom.

Have you ever had a crush on someone and done the “Facebook 101”? Ya know, perhaps you’re friends with them on Facebook (or not. Creepy!) and you go to their Facebook and click their “About” section, look at their photos, or look at what they have posted. You’re interested; you want to know more about them before you make that next move. What if you never took the next step? You just kept coming back to their Facebook page, getting updated on their life, and consuming information about them.

Yes… you become the Facebook stalker.

Having an actual relationship with that person is much better, and far less creepy, when both individuals are investing into one another, acknowledging each other’s strengths and flaws, and experiencing revelation of one another.

How often do we have a Facebook crush on Jesus?
Simply gathering information about Him, marveling Him, but never having an authentic face-to-face relationship.
Stop looking for the behavioral methods or “recipe” to get Jesus, and humbly search the things in your heart that trigger revelation and a desire for transformation into Jesus. Allow discipleship to be the tool where Jesus motivates you to be more like Him. Discipleship starts with humility, establishes servanthood, and moves us to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus.

Read Philippians 2:1-10


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