2017 EQUIP Conference

The EQUIP Youth Workers Conference seeks to encourage, train, and inspire Salvation Army youth leaders to helpfully serve their corps, communities, families and God; to disciple effectively within their ministries and through their relationships with others; and to love inclusively within an atmosphere that promotes wholeness, Christian maturity, service to others.
This conference recognizes the hand of God in all that we do and in order to fulfill this mission, The Salvation Army Youth Workers Conference operates within three main concepts: to inspire, to encourage, and to train. EQUIP is about providing support, encouragement, and training to those who work with youth within our camps, corps, community centers, and Kroc Centers and Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs.



Casual attire is acceptable for everyone Monday – Thursday.


Mon | 5.1.17

8:15 am: Boys & Girls Club Pre-Conference Registration
9:00 am – 5:00 pm            Boys & Girls Club Pre-Conference
9:30 am: Pre-Conference Registration
10:00 am: Regular Conference Registration
10:30 am – 5:00pm:           Pre-Conference – Speaker: Josh Griffin
Territorial Music Committee Meetings
12:15 pm: Lunch Break (Staff, Pre-Conference and Music Committee Attendees Only)
3:00 pm –5:00 pm             SAMS Session
3:00 pm –5:00 pm             DYL Meeting
6:00pm –7:00pm               Exhibits Open
7:00pm: General Session I
Speaker: John Crist
9:00 pm – 9:30 pm            Exhibits Open
9:30 pm – 10:30 pm         Welcome Reception

Tue | 5.2.17

8:30 am-9:00 am:               Exhibits Open
9:00 am: General Session II Speaker: Reggie Joiner
10:30 am: Break and Exhibits Open
11:00 am – 12:15 pm      Workshop I
12:15 pm: Lunch Break (on your own) 730 Lunch
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm:            Intensive Labs
Territorial Music Committee Meetings
4:15 pm – 5:30 pm:            Workshop II

Wed | 5.3.17

8:30 am-9:00 am:               Exhibits Open
9:00 am: General Session III Speaker: Christina Gard
10:30 am: Break and Exhibits Open
11:00 am – 12:15 pm: Workshop III
12:15 pm: Lunch Break (on your own)
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm:  Intensive Labs
Territorial Music Committee Meetings
4:15 pm – 5:30 pm:            Workshop IV

Thu | 5.4.17

9:30am: General Session IV Speaker: Major Bobby Westmoreland


March 18th-April 21st $150
Who: Salvation Army Youth Leaders
When: May 1-4, 2017
Where: Wyndham Orlando Resort – Orlando, FL

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Pre-Conference Information:

Date: Monday, May 1st, 2017
Time: 9:30 am (Registration)
Extra Charge: $20 per person (Lunch Will Be Provided)
Monday, May 1

Boys & Girls Club Pre-Conference | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Kim Madrigal, PhD
Teen Accelerator
This learning event will provide resources, strategies, tools and training to equip teen facing club professionals to accelerate their local teen recruitment, engagement and retention efforts. The training also offers an opportunity for one-on-one and/or group consultations targeted to strengthening and expanding teen programs and teen centers.

Pre-Conference | 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Josh Griffin
Imagine What It Is Like in Their Shoes (Part I)
Imagine what it was like in the shoes of teenagers today by stepping back into your own story to be reminded of the pressures, challenges and wins of the past. Getting in touch with your own story will help you be a better minister today! Lots of fun discussion and collaboration in this one.
Monday in the Life of a Teenager (Part II)
What do teenagers really need? We’ll spend some time looking at freshman-senior years of school and the pressures, challenges
and opportunities that exist with each age group. If you work with junior highers, college aged students or another age group, all of the principles will be easily transferable. And most importantly – teenagers simply need to be known, loved and cared for.
Is It All Really Worth It? (Part III)
Youth workers work hard and suffer much – but at the end of the day is it all really worth it? You better believe it is! Come listen as Josh challenges youth workers from his perspective and stories as a 20-year youth ministry veteran.
Territorial Music Committee Meetings
10:30 am – 5:30 pm
(This is a closed session for members of the Territorial Music Committee)
Divisional Youth Leaders Meeting
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
SAMS Session
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
(This is a closed session for SAMS)



Wyndham Orlando Resort
8001 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

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General Session Speakers

General Session 1
Speaker: John Crist
With over 100 million video views, comedian and viral sensation John Crist is the next big thing in standup comedy. Whether you know him from viral videos like “Millenial International,” “Road Rage in the Church Parking Lot,” or Buzzfeed’s “Signs You Grew Up Christian,” Crist has solidified his comedy prowess with over 200 live shows a year, highlighted by recent television appearances on Live at Gotham and Laughs on Fox. Seven years in, Crist has shared the stage with some of the best in the business, including Dave Chappelle, Jeff Foxworthy, Tim Hawkins, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Dana Carvey, Adam Carolla, Chris D’Elia, Anjelah Johnson and Louie Anderson. Anderson, named one of Comedy Central’s Top 100 Comedians of All Time, says of Crist, “It’s only a matter of time until John Crist is a household name. He is so likable and his stand-up is top notch.” Tim Hawkins, who Crist has performed with over 100 times says, “This guy ain’t no opener. John Crist is the real deal.” When asked where he finds the inspiration to write jokes, Crist says, “Shoot, I grew up in Georgia. My dad is a pastor, and I was the third of eight homeschooled children. Coming from a background like that, how do you NOT write jokes?!” Write what you know is the best piece of advice Crist ever received on standup comedy and the reason why the majority of his most popular jokes are on the topic of Christian subculture. “In high school, my parents made me get a job at Chick-fil-A. How much more stereotypically Christian can you get?” John currently lives in Los Angeles with his zero cats and is a member of City Church.

General Session II
Speaker: Reggie Joiner
Reggie Joiner is founder and CEO of Orange (also known as The reThink Group), a nonprofit organization that helps churches and parents maximize their influence on the spiritual growth of the next generation. Orange (www.whatisorange.org) designs innovative curriculum, resources and training for leaders to create relevant strategies for preschoolers, elementary children, teenagers, college students and families. Orange is also architect and primary sponsor of the Orange Conference and the Orange Tour, which provide national and international training opportunities for thousands of senior pastors, church leaders, and ministry volunteers. Reggie was one of the founding pastors (along with Andy Stanley) of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Over the course of his eleven years with North Point, Reggie led a team to develop innovative concepts of ministry to empower families and churches for greater effectiveness. He created KidStuf, a weekly environment where kids bring their parents to learn about God, and he joined with a handful of leaders to create the Catalyst Conference.
Reggie is the author of Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide. He also co-wrote Seven Practices of Effective Ministries, regarded as an influential book in Christian leadership. His latest books include: It’s Just a Phase, Playing for Keeps, Lead Small, and Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. Reggie and his wife Debbie live north of Atlanta and have four grown children and two grandchildren.

General Session III
Speaker: Christina Gard
Christina and her husband Andrew planted Grace City Church in 2015. Grace City is a Hillsong Family Church located in the heart of Lakeland, Florida, with a desire to serve their city and make an impact around the world. Christina and Andrew met on a blind date in college, were married in 2005, and have committed their lives to introducing people to Jesus and seeing lives transformed. Christina is also a member of the full-time faculty in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Southeastern University and teaches Psychology and Human Services courses. Christina was born and raised in Alaska and enjoys hiking, reading, working out, and beating her husband at chess.

General Session IV
Speaker: Major Bobby Westmoreland
Major Bobby Westmoreland is responsible for all Salvation Army sponsored youth programs and activities throughout the Southern Territory. He promotes the improvement, advancement and coordination of corps and community youth activities and encourages aggressive youth evangelism throughout the Territory.

Intensives I

Tuesday, May 2 – Intensives I

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Michael Brandwein
Terrific Training Tools: Original & Powerful Activities and Techniques to Produce Your Best Staff Training Ever
This internationally acclaimed session from the best-selling author of Training Terrific Staff and Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do & Say is packed with creative, highly engaging training materials and activities you won’t find anywhere else that you can plug into your training right away. You will get everything you need to increase staff participation, attention, motivation, and learning. Teach staff expert skills they will use every day in leadership, communication, professionalism, teaching technique, and more.
Ross Wheeler & Robert Taylor
Property Management: Everything You Wish You Had Known Before You Had to Replace It
Have you ever wondered what you could have done to prevent so many break downs and repair costs of systems and equipment at your facility? Or, have you been told if a piece of equipment had been properly maintained you could have realized the full lifecycle of the equipment? If so, then you are in luck. The Territorial Property Department will be presenting on property management, maintenance schedules, and property management software that can be used at your camps, Boys and Girls Clubs or CorpsCommunity Centers to make life a bit easier when it comes to property upkeep, repairs and maintenance.
Captain Maureen Diffley
Honoring the Family: Our Kids Have Families
All families can be described as dysfunctional or functional on any given day. The labels we can be tempted to place on the families of the kids in our programs aren’t very helpful most of the time. How can we honor the family in grace and in truth of the child engaged in SA programs? In this intensive, we’ll take a look at some remarkably messy families of the Bible, family systems theory, ideas from narrative therapy, and practical steps we can take to design our children’s programs to support the whole family. This session will include group work and case examples.
Reggie Joiner & Crystal Chaing
Live a Better Story (Orange Curriculum Training)
This Intensive will dive deeper in the brand new adult curriculum created by Orange called Live A Better Story. It is a small group curriculum that helps churches of any size develop a strategy to connect their adults to God’s Word in the context of small group conversations. It is a resource designed to equip leaders and engage adult attendees regardless of where they are on their faith journey.
Lt. Brandon Mason
Safe From Harm Levels 4 Training/Renewal and Discussion
In order to help with Safe From Harm Training across the territory, we need qualified trainers who are willing to volunteer their time to help educate others in the areas of Child Protection. Please Note: This Intensive is only open individuals who have up to date Level 3 or Level 4 SFH Certification PRIOR to coming to EQUIP 2017.
Major Michele Matthews & Ron Skeete
‘Which Fork Do I Use?’ and Other Useful Skills in Overcoming Poverty
Poverty is more than an absence of resources. This intensive will share the hidden rules of the various classes and provide actions that can be taken as you make connections with and help children (and adults) build up resources and rise out of poverty…whether intentionally through Pathway of Hope or similar initiative or during regular corps programming.
Joel & Cheryl Rogers
Reaching Millennials One Cup at a Time
Does what I am doing matter? Our students and young adults are asking themselves this question in some form on a daily basis. In this intensive, learn how Joel & Cheryl launched a coffeehouse ministry in The Salvation Army in their small college town of Cleveland TN. They will share their story, the broader vision of social entrepreneurship in reaching the Millennial generation, and then brainstorm with you to help bring out your own dreams and plans! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to business: if you are looking to develop a new aspect of your ministry to reach students and young adults, this is the intensive for you. Also, there will be free samples of coffee and espresso bark.
Kim Madrigal, PhD
They Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting for: Cultivating and Valuing Teen Voice
In this session, participants will be able to create a plan to implement and/or modify activities in your Club, Community Center, Corps or Kroc Center, to reflect your understanding of teen voice in action.
Learning Objectives:
·   Explore a range of examples of teen voice in action.
·   Reflect on participants’ abilities to cultivate teen voice.
·   Identify strategies to develop teen voice that honor diversity and scaffold increasingly meaningful opportunities.
·   Create a plan to implement and/or modify activities.

Intensives II

Wednesday, May 3 – Intensives II

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Julie Lowe
Equipping Teens Who Encounter Trauma, Abuse & Neglect
Both adults and teens who experience traumatic events show a wide range of reactions. Some suffer only worries and bad memories that fade with emotional support and the passage of time. Others are more deeply affected and experience long-term problems. Teens who have witnessed violence in their families, or communities are also vulnerable to serious long-term problems. Their emotional reactions, including fear, depression, withdrawal or anger, can occur immediately or some time after the tragic event. Learn tools for teens who have experienced any kind of trauma including.
Kelly Pope
Jr. Soldiers
The Salvation Army in the US is changing the way they disciple children between the ages of 6-12. New junior soldier curriculum launches at the end of May, and will include new lessons, animation, mobile content, and leadership development. If you are looking for a way to alter the course of Salvation Army history, it begins with our kids. It begins with you.
Kim Aycock
Slinky to a Smurf: A Model for Evolving Groups into Communities
A group remains only a collection of people unless they are guided on their journey to evolve into a community whether at camp for a week or a month. This model provides a template for teaching staff to recognize the stages of group development in various camper groupings, foster growth at each stage through intentional activities, and cultivate the progression from group to community. Equip your staff with ways to establish positive group norms, a framework for communication, and opportunities for teamwork and trust with each camper group.
Kim Madrigal, PhD
Critical Connections: Assessing and Honoring Teen Passions and Interests
In this session, participants will be able to develop a teen engagement strategy plan to implement and/or modify activities in the Club, Corps, Community Center or Kroc Center.
Learning Objectives:

  •   Explore opportunities for connecting real world relevance and teens to programs.
  •   Gain and develop strategies to incorporate teens’ passions and interests in program design, implementation and continuous improvement.
  •   Explore strategies to engage older youth, including leadership opportunities, workforce development, service learning and college/career readiness.
  •   Use information gleaned from best practices in the field to develop action plans for programs.

Joel & Cheryl Rogers
From Leaving to Leading: How Better Mentorship Can Shape the Future of the Church
There is a crisis in the church today. Young people are leaving the church in droves as they reach late adolescence, but unlike previous generations, they are not returning to continue the ministry of the church. The status-quo simply isn’t cutting it; but we also do NOT need another program. In this intensive, learn about the power of relational ministry and how you and your Corps can begin to implement a better mentorship strategy NOW to help ensure that your students don’t evacuate the church but instead jump in to help build it up!
Lt. Brandon Mason
Safe From Harm Level 3 Training – Part 1 (Open to everyone)
As fun as youth ministry can be, there are times when we realize that our kids and teens in our programs have been mistreated at home, school, and in their communities and they need a way out. In this intensive, we will discuss the warning signs of child maltreatment, abuse, and neglect. We will also discuss ways to help prevent sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and how to educate our youth groups and peers in ways to respond effectively to help with the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development of the youth in our care.
Michael Novelli
Active Learning Stations
Students learn best through active engagement. This workshop will provide inspiration and tools to help you creatively engage students in their own learning. Together we’ll experience innovative learner-centered teaching through stations-based learning. Creative reflection and in-depth dialogue will provide us opportunities to respond and integrate elements from the workshop into our lives and ministries. Come and reimagine with me!

Workshop I

Tuesday, May 2 – Workshop I 

11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Michael Brandwein
Fast & Effective Ways to Teach Responsibility, Calm Prob­lem-Solving, and Great Behavior to Young People
No theory! This session by a nationally award-winning camp and youth development expert demonstrates exactly what to say and do, in a powerful three-step technique, to help young people of all ages and in all settings, learn how to solve problems, handle mistakes and challenges, and get what they need with greater confidence and calmness. You can use these skills and training materials yourself and to train staff. Plus: How to create respon­sibility opportunities so that young people learn independence and resilient behavior.
Amy Grisham
First Look and 252 Kids (Orange Curriculum Training)
This workshop will focus around the First Look and 252 Kids curriculum and is designed for infants through 5-year-olds. Every element centers on giving preschoolers a first impression of their loving heavenly Father. 252 Basics is a monthly web-based cur­riculum designed for Kindergarten through 5th-graders, based on one of three basic, but powerful, truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52.
Major Pete Costas & Wesley Sharpe
Leadership Relations – It’s More than Just Getting Along
When Corps Officers and Club and Center Leadership are in con­flict, nobody wins. This workshop will examine areas of conflict and how to develop strong, productive relationships between Corps Officers and Club and Community Center Directors.
Marcie Camarillo
Self-Care for the Slightly Frazzled Youth Worker
Self Care is indicated in scripture (“love your neighbor as you love yourself” Matthew 22:39), and loving ourselves, means tak­ing good care of ourselves for the long haul, in mind, soul, and body. If you’re a youth worker who’s “too pooped to party”, then this may be the workshop to help you discover or re-discover self-care practices to get you back on the party floor!
Tim Eldred
The Fine Line Between Mentoring and Meddling
Mentoring is the step between modeling Jesus to young leaders and mobilizing them to put their faith in action. Knowing how to mentor and not meddle is essential if you want to multiply a generation of radical believers. It’s a fine line you must understand to create collaborative ministry with youth. In this workshop, you’ll learn clear boundaries that help youth and adults understand their proper roles and responsibilities.
Hillary DeJarnett & Dotti Groover-Skipper
Practical Tools for Engaging Youth in Trafficking Prevention
This workshop will highlight several trafficking prevention resources that you can utilize in your corps. Traffickers often target and prey on the most vulnerable youth. They are reaching out and offering a false sense of belonging and family – how much more do we as the church need to create a place of belonging and a safe place for tough conversations. We will look at different ways to begin dialogue with your youth and equip you to better understand how to integrate trafficking prevention into what you are already doing. In the conversations around trafficking, we cannot ignore the epidemic of pornography and its effect on our young people. The average age they are being exposed to pornography is 10-12 years old! We will also discuss the harmful effects of pornography and share some resources in addressing this major issue.
Crystal Kirgiss
Reading the Bible so the Bible Reads You
Unless our students know how to read, study, and understand scripture on their own, they will never grow into the full wisdom and deep discipleship that God desires. We’ll discuss and practice 9 unique ways to engage with God’s word. This seminar will be experiential and interactive.
Ronald Skeete & Major Michele Matthews
Family Engagement through Pathway of Hope: Finding the Connections that Make the Difference for Our Families
Pathway of Hope, our national initiative to help families break the cycle of crisis and intergenerational poverty provides a wonderful opportunity to engage the entire family, but where does one start? Afterschool, special events, Sunday service, or vacation bible school? This session will provide an overview of the initiative and explore ways to connect the entire family to Corps programming leveraging existing resources and tapping into new ones as well.
Anne Henningfeld & Troy Davidson
After the High Five: Building Authentic Relationships with Youth
Trusting relationships with adults are vital for the emotional development of children, yet not all youth have had an opportunity to build these relationships. This why staff and volunteers from after-school, weekend and summer programs can make a life-long impact on youth.   With unique role-plays and hands-on activities, we will learn how to go beyond “get-to-know-you” and delve into ways to connect with youth on a variety of levels.
Lisa Cranwell-Bruce, RN
Keeping Your Camp Healthy
Explore what are the common health threats to camps and outdoor programs. Discuss how to institute easy interventions to prevent common illness, keep campers and staff healthy, and develop an action plan to prevent and manage health threats.

Workshop II

Tuesday, May 2 – Workshop II

4:15 pm – 5:30 pm

Michael Brandwein
SUPERB SUPERVISION: What Outstanding Directors, Team Leaders, & Supervisors Do Every Day to Build Program & Staff Excellence
The author of the number one nationally bestselling book on supervising camp staff, Super Staff SuperVision, demonstrates outstanding techniques you can use to lead staff to excellence and professionalism in camp, school age, and other youth pro­grams! Bring out greater creativity in your program and provide superb support and coaching to staff. Learn exactly what to say and do when walking around the program every day to bring out the best in staff and young people.
Kaitlyn Hardiman
Teaching Children’s Dance Ministry
Children are natural movers, so why do we wait until they be­come teenagers to get them involved in dance ministry? Join Kaitlyn Hardiman for an interactive movement class to help embrace a child’s creativity. This class will give the basic tools needed to teach a child the fundamental skills to movement, which include: self-confidence and self-esteem, improved self-awareness, sensory perception, creative thinking, and so much more!
Tim Eldred
From Youth Ministry to Youth IN Ministry
Do you measure outcomes or outputs? Do you know the difference and why it’s so important? Adding the word IN between youth and ministry qualifies the need and quantifies the result. If you don’t have youth IN ministry today, don’t expect it tomorrow either. Your results depend upon the ingredients of your recipe. This workshop will leave you with practical ways tools to help you build ministry where young people are owners, not spectators.
Anne Henningfeld & Troy Davidson
Who’s Got the Button: Understanding Our Emotional Responses to Youth
Anyone who has worked with youth can remember a time when a child “pushed their buttons.” In this workshop, we will take responsibility for those buttons, exploring why certain behavior can cause our tempers to flare, or our emotions to prevail. Improvisational actor Troy Davidson will role-play realistic scenarios of difficult youth behaviors, and give us an opportunity to look closely at our reactions, and to practice responses in real-time. Be advised, this workshop may trigger strong emotions.
Lisa Cranwell-Bruce, RN
Recruiting and Retaining Camp Nurses
Nurses can be a benefit to camp, but finding the right one, training, and retaining can this elusive person can be a headache for your leadership team. Come and share how to find nurses, make sure they are the right fit for camp, what training is necessary, and how to retain your nurses.
Lts. Derrick & Odessa Smith
Beyond Those Blue Doors: Connecting the Club and Corps
This workshop will focus on outreach and Ministry from the Corps to the youth in the Club. There will be a special emphasis on relationship building and making the connection from Club to the Army.
Bernie Dake
Sound Made Simple…and Other Fairy Tales
Everybody believes that sound systems are simple and yet we can’t seem to have a service without distractions. In this workshop, Bernie will help you understand how to avoid those pesky distractions. The Lord deserves our best. Let’s do what we can to be our best.
Rob Bridges
Event Graphics Made Easy
While it is easy to simply outsource event designs to other companies, it can also be satisfying and cost effective to create your own. Some design programs are more expensive than others. However, if you know where to look, you won’t have to spend a dime creating the designs you need on your own schedule. There are plenty of free design programs all over the internet. Some are for beginners, while others are built for experienced designers on a budget. These tools will help you create stunning graphics that are easy and sure to draw attention to your ministry events.
Raymond Slater
Connecting Across What May Divide Us
Do you notice lines of division within your Corps? Are there issues that could be solved with better communication? Do you seek to be a catalyst for positive change in your Corps to help heal some of these issues? This class will be part instruction and part small group discussion. Every individual person in the Corps has their role to fulfill as the unified body of Christ. Prayerfully, we will approach this topic with the goal of recognizing the situations and leaving with individual ‘life work’ for each person to take back with them to focus on their roles within the Corps. We will see God give us answers through fellowship and much needed dialogue so we can continue to “Do The Most Good” together.
Crystal Chiang
XP3 (Orange Curriculum Training)
This workshop will combine both the XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School curriculum offered by Orange. XP3 Middle School exists to help middle schoolers experience three things: wonder for who God is, discovery of who He created them to be, and passion for loving others. XP3 High School is all about growing your influence with students, parents, and leaders.

Workshop III

Wednesday, May 3 – Workshop III

11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Christina Gard
Mentoring: Making a Difference in the Lives of Others
This workshop with provide guidance for best practice in mentoring and emphasize the value of mentoring.
Captain Maureen Diffley
Connecting with Refugees in Our Common Communities
This session will focus on offering good hospitality to refugees resettling in our common communities. It will also provide an overview of the worldwide and domestic refugee situation. The session will include group work to design locally applicable responses that you can use when you get home.
Jeff Wallace & Jovanie Smith
Faithful Generations: Effective Ministry Across Generational Lines
This workshop will provide an in-depth perspective into the generational differences that shape contemporary American spirituality. We will go on a journey through the difference life-experiences, cultural influences, and religious understandings that frequently cause misunderstanding and miscommunication between generations. By the end of this workshop, you will be informed and equipped on how the Army can be a more healthy and effective Multi-Generational organization.
Marcie Camarillo
Disruptive, Depressed, and Dysregulated: Special Needs Popula­tions in the Corps Setting
If you’ve ever worked with a child or teen that had “special needs” due to Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or Trauma, you’ve probably realized that mak­ing adjustments or accommodations for their needs could make the difference in their participation. We’ll discuss the “special needs”, “triggers”, “meltdowns” and techniques to support suc­cessful participation in youth programming.
Wanda Newton
Character Building 101
Come to learn all about the basics of running a character building program at your corps, community center or boys and girls club and what exactly the program is all about.
(Required for ALL new BFI’s and DYL’s)
Kim Aycock
Back to the Basics: Creating a Cohesive Staff Community
While this sounds so simple, why is it often so hard? Communi­ty building is what camp is all about. Yet, all of the ice-breakers and fun games in the world do not guarantee that staff will be unified. Discover ways to create a cohesive staff community by looking at each subset of your staff group and their unique needs, providing opportunities to connect before camp begins, and fostering continued growth all throughout the season. Learn best practices for cultivating camaraderie from some of the top rated companies to work for and set your staff up for success this summer by going back to the basics.
Crystal Kirgiss
Awkward Award: The Joy of Middle School Ministry
Most of society writes them off as being annoying, loud, dramatic, childish, confused, and awkward. But we know better. We know the middle school is the perfect time for young teens to being owning and growing in their faith. We’ll talk about middle school development, culture, and ministry strategies in this seminar.
Julie Lowe
Identifying Bullying & How to Help
Many believe that bullying is just a fact of life that teens need learn to ignore it. The problem is that these situations often have lasting repercussions, could be quite severe and could even lead to suicide in some cases. It can still have an emotional toll on a teenager. We will discuss some ways to tell if a teenager is being bullied and what to do if they are.
Bethany Farrell
Music & Movement for the Young Child
Music & Movement for the Young Child
During a child’s formative years, music is vital. More than sim­ply entertaining them, when young children become involved in music and movement, it kick-starts the neural connections for every aspect of learning down the road. These results are multi­plied when the child actively participates in the music through movement, playing instruments, and singing. And where does it all start? On their parent’s laps! Come and learn how we can take back the nursery and make the most out of our time with our littlest church members!
Josh Powell
How to Start and Cultivate a Worship Band
Contemporary worship is becoming nearly as prevalent as tradi­tional worship for supporting congregational singing in the Army. The task of starting and cultivating these groups can seem daunting for any corps leadership team. With prayer, patience, and practice, however, you can train up a group that can support and lead powerful, distraction-free worship in any corps. This workshop will discuss aspects of how to get started, developing a leader, and building a team around this leader. We will also con­sider how to select repertoire that is appropriate for the theme and congregation.

Lt. Brandon Mason

Social Media

In our ever changing youth culture, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many other apps for Social Media have been an extremely effective tool for youth ministry in the last few years. However, sometimes if we are not careful, they could prove harmful to our area of ministry and even cost us our reputation and our callings as Youth Ministers. If you want to know how to use these amazing tools positively, please join us for some deep discussion. #BFIsWelcome #HowtoConnectwithmyYouthwithoutLosingmyJob #Whyisthatprevioushastagsolong #EQUIP2017

Workshop IV

Wednesday, May 3 – Workshop IV

4:15 pm – 5:30 pm

Captain Anne Westmoreland
BOLD Corps Cadets
This workshop is for anyone who is already teaching Corps Cadets, or those who are new to this program. The class will provide an overview of BOLD for Corps Cadets, and then we will dive into conversation about best practices for keeping Corps Cadets engaged and on track, and how to fully utilize all the program has to offer. There will be an opportunity to share experiences, and to ask questions. In the workshop we will also look at how the Corps Cadet program relates to other ministries, and how your Corps Cadets can gain experience and credit for the course from a variety of activities. Corps Cadets are not just leaders in training, they are leaders in our Corps right now. If that excites you, then this workshop is for you.
Sam Collier
Partnering with Students to Foster Academic Achievement
Leading and living in this world can be challenging and difficult. There are so many problems that permeate our society every day. Under these circumstances a young person can find it hard to strive for academic achievement over survival. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to help Urban and Suburban students strive again.
Lt. Brandon Mason
Safe From Harm Level 3 Training Part 2
This intensive is open to only those who attended the 2pm session.
Majors Algerome & Teresa Newsome
Corps of Many Shades
In this workshop, we will explore how our Corps Youth programming can help our community come together to accomplish the Will of God in different cultures.
Jeff Wallace & Jovanie Smith
The 360 Degree Leader
In his book, The 360 Leader, John Maxwell writes, “Don’t wait for that promotion, start leading now…right where you are!” This intensive will help leaders develop and maximize their influence from anywhere within the Salvation Army. Regardless of your position or title, this class will teach you the necessary skills to exercise influence in all directions – up (to the boss), across (among your peers), and down (to those you lead).
Michael Novelli
The Art of Bible Storying
Experience Bible storying–an imaginative way to engage in the scriptures through storytelling, creative reflection, and lively dialogue. During this interactive intensive, you will explore how this learner-centered approach sparks participants to discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative. You’ll also explore how to develop Bible storying for varied contexts.
Lt. Colonel Vern Jewett
Ministering to Youth – Gender & Sexual Identity Issues
The issues of gender and sexual identity are complex, pervasive and perhaps the greatest challenge facing the 21st century church. Our young people are bombarded with passionate, diverse opinions and influences on these issues. They are seeking answers to some of life’s most difficult questions while at the same time experiencing the tumult of adolescence. Likewise, church youth leaders face real-time ministry challenges on a daily basis and feel the weight of responsibility to give solid, scriptural counsel. This workshop will briefly summarize the Biblical teaching and principles that inform this subject. However, the primary focus will be on caring for our young people responsibly and redemptively.  We must provide a safe, loving and instructive place where God’s Holy Spirit can minister through our leaders to the hearts and minds of our precious young people.
Wanda Newton
Emblem Enhancements
Need ideas of how to make your emblem learning programs fun and interesting? Come and participate in hands on emblem enhancement activities that you can take back with you.
Leon Kirkpatrick
The Local Arts Scene: Starting A Music or Creative Arts Program in Your Corps
Want to get something started in your corps? Tired of the same old music week in, week out? Find out ways to engage young people in the corps, build confidence, instill discipline, and develop a sense community. A corps music or creative arts group could be the way to unlock hidden potential in your young people and even some of your adults. Aside from the obvious relationship between artistic development and improved grades at school, this could help bring about dynamic worship at your corps. It could also be a bridge between your Corps and your community. The possibilities are endless and it’s not as hard as you think… Come and find out!